KOP Mentoring Network is a character-building, mentorship and gang prevention program designed to foster leadership, academic success and civic-mindedness in youth ages 7 to 17.

We prepare our youth to thrive in school, work, and civic life.

Research shows that our mentoring works. Children with a mentor show real differences in their personal and academic lives. They are more confident in their schoolwork performance, they get along better with their families and they are 52 percent less likely to skip school.

Mentors work miracles by extending life-lines to our youth. We are in … are you?

501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization
KOP Mentoring Network
(561) 665-0151

Serving South Palm Beach County Youth Since 1991

Recipient of the 2017 Men With Caring Hearts, 2017 Jefferson Award, 2007 Bank of America Local Hero Award, 2006 Florida Governor’s Point of Light Award, Jefferson Award, JM Family 2006 African American Achievers Award, the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce’s Ken Ellingsworth Community Service Award and numerous other recognitions.